Spend more. Save more lives.

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Solace urgently needs funds to increase digital communications and connect more women to the vital help they need. We are actively seeking donations and partners to help us build safer lives for the women and children in London.

1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime… your friend, your neighbour, your sister, your colleague, your daughter…

Last year in London domestic abuse rose by 63% and the number of homicides tripled.

Scared child hugging adult

78,814 reported cases of abuse

The potential cost to a family when they experience domestic abuse.


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The police received an emergency call relating to domestic abuse every 30 seconds

The cost to police.

£700 million

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Demand for women’s services rose by 83%

The cost of working with a high risk woman.


The average time it takes for a woman to leave an abusive relationship is 6 years, 6 months and of those 31% of women have more than 1 child under the age of 5.

Solace are starting an ambitious transformation of services to meet the rise in demand, reduce waiting times and enable more women to access help in more ways, faster.

Last year alone…

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22,816 women and children were supported by Solace. This has doubled since 2015

The average cost for every woman and child we support.


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752 women and children slept in safe beds

The cost to support a family in refuge.*


* excludes housing/rent costs

Woman on helpline

13,455 calls and emails answered by our helpline

The cost of a call to our Solace helpline.


To manage the increasing demand for our vital services and help more people quicker we need to transform the way we work and provide services digitally.

Technology will enable Solace to help more people and keep the women and children of London safe.

Our contracts do not fund technology infrastructure or enable the digital advancements we need to keep the women and children of London safe in today’s digital world.

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Ensure the highest level of data security across every service.

Ensure staff have reliable, instant access to data to deliver the safest and best services remotely.




Enable women and children instant digital access and response from services when they are in crisis.

Enable referrals, assessments and services to be carried out anywhere… in the home, hospital or a police station.




Provide a digital platform for women and children who are not ready, or can’t pick up the phone, to start to build trust.

Provide online counselling to reach people instantly, in a safe place, in a way that works for them.

Use AI technology to streamline assessments and therapy.